We would like to welcome you to join the VICTORY STAR FAMILY! Come join us on expanding our family throughout the country and then globally to the rest of the world! Victory Star Brand is a LA County based company founded in August 2017! Our clothing brand is a very comfortable clothing style that you can wear to almost any outing. We pride ourselves in working hard for you and making sure our Victory Star Family is overly satisfied with our products. We love you and don't forget that!! 
-Victory Star Brand 

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It is a very comfortable shirt, i am a plus size woman and i love it because it's soft and stretchy and its got good fit. Breathable material i can basically take it anywhere!

Maria Martinez

Durable, cuz i took it to work and it was comfortable and have no complaint!

Rito Magallanez

The material was really soft and good quality. The print was really nice and didn’t break apart in the washer. I think ill invest in a sweater next time. Over all, loved it!

Ana Cisneros

Me gusto como me quedo la playera, si ordenare mas cosa de Victory Star!
/English: I liked the way the shirt fit me, i willorder more things from Victory Star!

Angel Romero

I love Black,so the DARK Edition shirt was an amzing shirt i got it for my sun for his birthday and i think he is gonna love it!

Amparo Canchola